Allison's Wonderland

Allison's Wonderland

Friday, April 4, 2014

One Year Blogiversary and a GIVEAWAY!!!

My First Year of Blogging

It's hard to believe one year has come and gone since I started this little blog. It's been a fun year. I want to start off this post (I know you are all here for the giveaway so I'll be quick ;-)) by looking back at my most popular posts of the past year. I was a bit surprised by some of them.

My Top 5 Posts of the past year:

1.Back to School Teacher Gift
You guys love your teachers!!

2.Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10)
I will have a 2014 post for you soon...

3. Scrub Daddy- Product Review
 Didn't expect to see this one. This is one popular gadget!

4. Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2013 with free printable
You guys REALLY love your teachers...

5. Moist Fresh Apple Cake
 Another one I didn't expect to see in the top, but it is a most delicious cake!

What have been your favorite posts of the past year??? I would love to know!

Now on to the main event...

My aunt Jane in Florida has been most gracious to host a Mary Kay giveaway for me today for this big celebration! And not only one, but two prizes!!

Raise your hand if you love Mary Kay. My hand is raised. Well not really. I'm typing. Sorry about lying. But I do love Mary Kay.

So today one lucky person is going to win the Mary Kay Satin Hands Set. And you get your choice of Peach or Fragrance Free. This is a pretty awesome prize!! I love me some Satin Hands!

 Peach Satin Hands® Pampering Set

Now for the second prize...TWO...that's right...TWO people will win your choice of either Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss or Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick. Pretty Snazzy. Is that a word? Snazzy?
Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ LipstickMary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss

 Be sure to enter BOTH giveaways in the rafflecopter below (they are separate giveaways)!!!  You have until Monday to enter. Tell all your friends.

Also be sure to go to for your Mary Kay needs!!

I look forward to the next year of blogging with you!

God Bless!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


Angela Coronado said...

If I won I would want the Nourishine lip gloss in teddy bare!

Swordlily said...

Happy blogiversary!
I'd love to win Sienne Brulee lip stick :)
~Karina V

Brian Bell said...

I would like the Lip Gloss in Café Au Lait. Allissa Bell

Traci said...

i want some lip gloss!

Michelle J. said...

I'd get lip gloss in icicle!

Melinda said...

I would like true dimensions spice is nice lipstick