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Allison's Wonderland

Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2013 with free printable

My daughter is off to school with her teachers' gifts in hand so now I can show you what we did. I know you've been on the edges of your seats waiting in anticipation. it is.

 I know you can't tell from this picture what this is. Don't worry. I thought about that. Keep reading. I just wanted you to see the finished product first. And you can probably tell from the tag that says, "Teachers like you PAINT bright futures" along with the picture of fingernails being painted that this has something to do with nail polish. And you're right. This is a manicure (or pedicure) kit that I put together.

Now for what's inside.

This is a picture of what the bags look like without the wrapping. Cute, huh? And believe it or not, these were inexpensive to put together. I got all these items from the Dollar Tree. I got the Thirty One Littles Carry All Caddys for free by hosting a party back in January. (Yes, I was thinking about teacher appreciation gifts in January). So I spent $30 total on Katie's 3 teachers combined.

Materials needed to assemble:
  • container
  • nail polish
  • nail file
  • clippers
  • polish remover
  • cotton pads (for removing polish)
  • pedicure kit
  • ribbon and wrapping
  •  tag
Here is a free printable of the tags if you would like to make these at home.

Leave a comment and let me know what you are doing for your teachers this week.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all our teachers! Thank you for all you do!!

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Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens said...

This is a really cute idea, Allison! I've done various personal things through the years, and our PTO always hosts a big school-wide teacher appreciation luncheon for which parents can provide special side dishes or lend a hand. I always love new, creative ways to say thanks to such really special people!