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Allison's Wonderland

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homeschooling a Preschooler {God's Little Explorers Weeks 4-6}

It's hard to believe we are already six weeks in to our year of homeschool and only a few weeks from Thanksgiving Break!

Let me show you what Charlie and have done together these past few weeks. And, let me just say, my favorite part of this time with him is the one on one Bible Study.

I don't know if I've mentioned this in previous posts. But with Charlie being the middle child...and with his older sister being somewhat of a know-it-all :-)..I sometimes neglect to stop and explain things to him.
Katie had her one on one time with me because she was first.

So I'm already learning a lot as a mom...seeing some slack that I need to pick up and trying to pay attention to the individual needs of all 3 of my children.

Now here is a wrap-up of weeks 4-6.

Week 4: Z is for Zoo

This weeks Bible story was Noah's Ark.

 He made a rainbow name trace. And he made a rainbow from different colored office dots.

He made a zebra-striped letter z by rolling a marble covered in black paint back and forth over the letter inside the lid of a box.

He had an "ark" snack one day made with a banana, animal crackers, and chocolate syrup.
The lesson plan called for peanut butter to be the binder that holds the animals on the ark, but since he's allergic, we went with the chocolate syrup. As you can see, we lost one of the animals. :-)

Other activities for this week included:
  • making zoo animals with toilet paper rolls and clip art.
  • sorting and counting animal crackers
  • building a zoo with blocks
  • making a z with electrical tape for alphabet notebook
  • rolling snakes with play dough
  • singing "Who Built the Ark?"

Week 5: T is for Tent

This week we learned about Abraham. We didn't do as much as I would've liked with this week's lesson.

 He painted stars with a mini marshmallow. Then glued on the tent made from craft sticks. He drew a picture of Abraham to go inside the tent. You can see him when you open the flaps of the paper tent.

  This is a counting activity. He traced each number then glued it onto the paper. Then he painted the corresponding number of stars.

Other activities for the week included:
  • Setting up a tent in the living room
  • punching holes in the shape of a "t" in a styrofoam cup and shining a light through it.
  • Singing "Father Abraham"
  • Nature walk
  • make the letter "t" with sticks and twigs

Week 6: C is for Colors

This week we talked about Joseph. This is one of my favorite Bible stories. So often children only hear the story of this beautiful coat and they miss the great story of forgiveness. I want my children to be children who are willing to forgive even when it doesn't make sense. I want to be that way myself. Such a hard lesson in today's world.

We mixed colors to make new ones. He really liked doing this. He thought it was the coolest!

  Here are the finished results. He carried these bags around for days.

Of course, we had to make a coat of many colors. He was not too thrilled about this, however.

He painted the letter "c" many different colors.

He sorted  colored pasta. You can read my post here on how to make your own colored pasta. We use ours a lot.
 He made a crayon of many colors by breaking up lots of crayons and placing the pieces in a muffin pan. I used a mini muffin pan  and I think the results would've been better had I used a larger one.
They came out a little broken, but they still worked. We were supposed to "bake" them in the sun. But it was cold and rainy that day so we had to use the oven.

 We started a number wall this week. He made this number "1" by adding scraps of fabric the 1 that I drew on the paper.
He also spent some time with the rice sensory bin. He loved doing this. This will be an activity we bring out in the future.

Other activities for the week included:

  • Making a puppet of Joseph
  • reviewing numbers and colors

And these are the letters we have added to our alphabet wall.

And that is weeks 4-6. As always you can purchase the digital download of God's Little Explorers

by clicking this link.

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