Allison's Wonderland

Allison's Wonderland

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mom, I'm Bored Jar

School is almost out at my house and may already be out for some of you. So today I am bringing you the "Mom, I'm Bored Jar."

You know it won't be long before you hear those words. So what plan do have set in place when one of your lovelies comes to you saying, "I'm boooorrreeed?" (That's how my kids say it- all drawn out like that.)

 Before I created the jar, it was always,  "Go find something to do before I GIVE you something to do." That never really worked.

So in the jar you will find activities- some good, some bad. So they can take the chance on whether they want to come to you asking for something to do.

Do they want to make cookies with mom or do they want to take out the trash?

Do they want to have a friend over or do they want to clean the toilets?

My oldest came to me when I first made the jar, and it was exciting to her. She said, "Mom, I know I may have to choose something bad from the jar, but I'm bored." So we picked our first I'm bored activity. It was organize your toys or something of that nature. She was not happy. We haven't cracked the jar open since then.

You can make the actual jar as cute or as simple as you would like. I recycled an old pickle jar and slapped a label on it that I made in Word. Nothing too fancy, but still cute enough to set on my kitchen counter (for me anyway).

To download the list of activities click here.

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