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Allison's Wonderland

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day DIY gift

Yes, I realize Mother's Day is this in 3 days away. A little late to be doing a post on MAKING a mother's day gift. Who has time to make something now?!! But my husband is making this with his students in class today to give to their mothers tomorrow. I didn't want the surprise to be spoiled in case any of those mothers are reading this. So mothers of Mr. Pettiette's students, click away now. Shoo. Quit reading.

Now the rest of you procrastinators...don't worry...this is easy peasy. And this is a great DIY gift that can be given for any occasion.

Sugar Scrub (Just like Mary Kay Satin Hands!)

2 cups sugar
4 Tbsp Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal with Olay

That's it. Just those 2 ingredients. I found containers at the Dollar Tree to put the scrub in.

How to Make:
Pour sugar into container. Then the soap. Stir. The mixture should be peanut butter consistency. You can add more soap, but if you add too much it will become watery. So add the soap a Tbsp at a time until it becomes peanut buttery like. But don't eat. It is soap. Doesn't taste like peanut butter.

It's that simple. And I tried it out. It really does leave your hands feeling soft like Satin Hands.

I added these labels that I found on Pinterest. But I just found these labels that I like better.

Note: There is a generic Dawn soap available. I used the name brand since the PTO was putting up the money and I wasn't sure if the other would work as well. If you have tried the generic let me know. I'm all for saving a dollar!

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