Allison's Wonderland

Allison's Wonderland

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Pantry Organization

I have been wanting to organize my pantry for some time. I have a really narrow pantry, but is also very deep so things often get lost. It's a mess, right?!!

Well, as I was reading one of my favorite blogs (ask anna) a spring cleaning challenge -with some pretty great prizes- caught my eye. So I decided to participate and "spring clean" my pantry.

If you have a small pantry like me, don't fret. This can be done. And was quite simpler than I imagined.

Steps to organizing your pantry:

1.Take everything out of your pantry.

2. Wipe down cabinets.

3. Group like items together and take inventory of what you have.

4. Head to the store for containers, baskets, door mounts, wire shelves, etc. I    went to Walmart and Dollar Tree for my goodies.

5. Get to work putting pantry items into newly bought containers.

6. Make labels. This really helps give everything a finished look. You can find free labels for your pantry here.

The Result

Much better, I think! I did have one set back. I bought a mounting system to go on my door, but when I got home and started putting it together I discovered it was too wide for my door. Bummer! So as you can see, my canned goods are still just jammed in there along with a few things in the top cabinets. Hopefully, I'll find a solution soon.

If you have any questions about organizing your pantry, leave a comment. I'd be glad to hear how you keep your pantry organized as well.

Next project will be the kids toys...yikes!

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Wellington Chic said...

Hi Allison, I'm like you with a very narrow, but very deep pantry. You've encouraged me to tackle the reorganising of it this weekend. Thanks